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                                                      Industrial prospects of new stone care

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                                                      Stone care in China is an emerging industry, but it is also a concern of the industry. Stone care industry with continuous development and improvement of this emerging industry is full of vitality and development opportunities. It not only represents China's stone industry, service improvement and progress, but also represents China's clean, care for the property industry, raise the level of the stone.

                                                          Stone care industry as the stone industry derivatives industry, its rapid development is inseparable from the development of stone industry, extensive use of stone. China's stone industry has experienced two stone heat, for the first time from 80 to 90 years, is the stone of high-speed development period, this stage can be interpreted as the start of China's stone industry; the late 90s to 2000, China's stone industry whole to the next level, nearly a decade of development, the proportion of stone rising import and export trade, making China become a veritable stone power. The rapid development of the real estate market, joining the WTO, the Olympics, World Expo impact of such social environment, it is great to stimulate the development of the stone market, stone industry into the blossom stage.

                                                          With the extensive use of stone and stone care users develop an understanding of the concept, the market demand for stone care exponential growth. From 2001 to enter rapid development period, the first curing agent from the Stone sales began to cultivate the market, and gradually evolved to cover care products, sales and stone disease treatment services, stone care and engineering services, stone care knowledge consulting, training, network marketing and other integrated services industry group, after just about 10 years has completed the development of a new industry training market. Stone care industry in China than abroad, the late start, but thanks to the great use of stone, and the frequent exchanges with foreign counterparts, making China the stone care industry very quickly, wrapped the body in the renovation of mechanical, construction and renovation of the daily care has reached international standards. And with the improvement of supporting industries, market segments begin to be felt, began to strengthen brand awareness, professional services trend is clearly enhanced.

                                                          The rapid development of the stone care industry, led the surge in the number of employees. Industry barriers to entry low, the uneven level of technology, trade management is not standardized, but also to the rapid development of industry experience in the development bottleneck. More industry participants to achieve a breakthrough in this field, started to change business model to become a professional, in-depth direction of development, this development strategy, which will make the technology more stone care industry to a new level.

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