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                                                      Overview of the application of natural stone products

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                                                      (Chen barracks of the National Stone Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Beijing Sinoma the IOL Institute horse Tianyi) With the continuous development of China's economy, the public pursuit of architectural decorative effect continuous improvement, natural stone has become in recent years the office, hotel decorative material of choice of the high places, and increasingly into millions of households. However, due to the particularity of stone materials and processing, highly professional, generally when public access is already a plate after the completion of the processing. The public in general are accustomed to based on color, texture, materials, feeling select varieties, while ignoring the suitability of the product. Natural stone mining in the mine, from the natural, material intensity difference, the acid capacity difference, big difference of anti-aging ability, mixed material uniformity in the selection of post-decoration must pay attention to the applicability of the material. Suitable for wall or ground, indoor or outdoor. Taking into account the choice of products also have post-installation method is to be used is a bonding method or the hanging method, is very important for the safety of the works. In recent years, as part of the project in the initial selection or installation, improper selection of the late increase to the engineering very difficult, resulting in waste, to form a security risk. Better guidance to the public a reasonable choice of stone varieties, the correct selection of the installation, the following, we briefly introduce the types of natural stone and the applicability and reasonable installation.
                                                      A choice of stone varieties
                                                      Decorative stone is divided into natural stone, artificial stone and composite stone. Divided into according to the materials in the natural stone: granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, Slate, times gemstones six; products are divided into building boards, dry hanging plates, shaped stone, pavement stone, carved stonework.
                                                      Refers to a type of decorative stone granite granite, including various types of igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks of granitic and generally hard texture, acid, weathering ability. The granite color is brilliant, uniform material. Generally applicable to indoor and outdoor walls, floors, cylindrical, square, road.
                                                      Marble refers to a type of decorative stone marble rock, including carbonatites and related metamorphic rocks, the main ingredient for the carbonate minerals, the general texture is softer. Mineral composition is divided into calcite marble and dolomite marble, serpentine marble. Calcite marble is mainly composed of calcite (calcium carbonate), the crystalline structure of marble. Dolomite marble is mainly composed of dolomite (calcium magnesium carbonate) composition of the crystalline structure of marble. Serpentine marble is mainly composed of serpentine (magnesium silicate hydrate), calcite, dolomite, marble, and is generally green or dark green. Marble is generally applicable to the interior wall of the ground.
                                                      Limestone is a sedimentary rock primarily composed of calcium carbonate (calcite) or calcium magnesium carbonate (dolomite minerals) or a mixture of the two minerals. Business on the following: gray crumbs rock, bright limestone, dolomite, microcrystalline limestone, oolitic limestone, the recrystallization of limestone, limestone condensate. Bulk density of limestone is divided into low-density limestone (density not less than 1.76 g/cm3 and not more than 2.16g / cm3), the density of limestone (density less than 2.16 g / cm3 and not more than 2.56g / cm3 with) high-density limestone (density not less than 2.56g / cm3). The low, medium density limestone is generally applicable to the interior walls, high-density limestone is generally applicable to the interior wall of the ground.
                                                      Sandstone refers to a sedimentary rock mainly composed of silica (quartz sand) as well as a variety of minerals and rock particles condensed class decorative stone. Mineral and rock particle size 0.06mm ~ 2mm, containing more than 50 percent silica, condensed silica, iron oxide, carbonate or clay and a porous structure. Commercial blue-gray sandstone, brown sandstone, quartz sandstone, quartzite, siltstone. Types of materials are divided into three categories: sand (silica content of 50% to 90%), quartz sandstone (silica content 90% ~ 95%), quartz (silicon dioxide content in more than 95%). Sandstone with its porous, rough texture to show a simple and natural to use more natural or machined surface as a decorative surface. Sandstone is generally applicable to indoor and outdoor walls.
                                                      Slate that microcrystalline metamorphic rock, usually derived from shale, mainly composed of mica, sub-acid rocks and quartz, with mica minerals, approximate parallel toward the formation of a thin, hard slate can be split along the bedding plane . Commercial veneer and tile. Decorative panels for the floor and walls and other decorative purposes, the bending strength is greater than 10Mpa; tile panels for house roofing purposes.
                                                      Gem stone, from the decorative effect is generally not used. Such as jade, alabaster, greenstone, schist, soapstone, etc.. General control or focused role for the junction from the other stone.
                                                      Second, the stone choice of installation methods
                                                      Building Decoration Engineering stone used in the decoration of the floors, walls, cylinders and steps, installation of two kinds of bonding and hanging method.
                                                      The construction of the bonding method using cement-based or resin-based adhesive paste directly to the stone finishes in the structure on the formation of an installation method. Ground stone installation and easy construction of the bonding method, plate stone wall floor construction should be a bonding method. Outdoor walls and cylindrical stone easy construction of the hanging method. Wall stone bonding method of construction should be based on actual needs and adhesive properties to consider the security issues, generally applies only to single piece weight less than 40kg or single-plate area of ??less than 1m2 or indoor building height of 3.5m below , other times hanging method should be used. The bonding method of construction the ground generally use cement mortar, the other position to recommend the use of stone dedicated adhesive. Bonding construction with particular emphasis on the protection of the stone surface, bottom and sides should ensure that adequate and effective protection processing.
                                                      The construction of the hanging method using metal pendant stone firmly hanging on the structure facing a mounting construction method. Stone with the installation of hanging method should be used granite, solid and good marble, limestone above the medium-density, high strength sandstone material into various products. Mirror plate based on the engineering experience recommended minimum thickness for outdoor use: a, granite, not less than 25mm; 2, the robustness of good marble, limestone and travertine of the high density of not less than 30mm; textured sandstone and medium density limestone not less than 50mm. Minimum thickness of the indoor use of specular stone shall not be less than 20mm. The rough stone construction sheet nominal thickness increase on the basis of the mirror plate thickness less than 3mm. Single-block area of ??the dry hanging sheet should not exceed 1.5 m2.
                                                      The use of natural stone products is a coherent system to consider the process, only when the one hand, choose their favorite color lines taking into account the stone materials and consider post-installation, natural stone appearance, safety, and rational use.
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