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                                                      Stone applications should avoid problems

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                                                      20 years, with the great development of China's construction industry, the growing prosperity of the stone industry, decorative stone for its irreplaceable advantages, become the cement, steel, after the third-largest building materials, almost all the large domestic buildings are more or less use of the decorative stone. Stone to make the building look simple and natural, solemn luxury, greatly improving the quality of buildings. Meanwhile, the problems of stone applications are gradually exposed.
                                                      Wet paste using cement mortar, without any protective treatment of the stone

                                                      Water spots, white blooms and rusty signs are everywhere, and even many people still believe that these lesions are impossible to avoid normal. With the advanced protective materials and the emergence of new installation techniques, methods to prevent these diseases are gradually. However, the concept is difficult to change some old, some are still using old technology, combined with the use of new materials has not yet fully grasp the new technology is still not perfect and other reasons, led to a variety of stone disease is still emerging.

                                                      Pay no attention to cleaning and daily care

                                                      Currently over 90% of stone cleaning and daily care of the cleaning team by many to complete. Most cleaning professionals cleaning industry in recent years to switch over from the other, and both stone cleaning, conservation is only a few years ago. Their characteristics and different stone for stone to use lack of knowledge, the stone-specific cleaning, care and use of materials are often handled badly, and some even use the bathroom cleaning carpet cleaning materials or methods used to clean stone. Therefore, will inevitably result in a variety of issues, not only difficult to remove the old lesions, but new lesions appeared, and even cause the loss of hundreds of million of individual projects.

                                                      Use of poor quality stone protector

                                                      Publicity and promotion of "prevention is better than treatment" concept, some low-grade protective agent took the opportunity to flourish. Some of the protective agent advertising blown marvelous, do not pay attention to the specific characteristics and specific applications Shicai, use some specious too simple method of operation, in reality, stone protector can often be seen as caused by improper selection and use of the phenomenon of various diseases. For example, did not remove the old water spots, but more serious of the new water spots, large areas of yellowing or whitening phenomena, and the protection of such lesions is often difficult because clear protectant.

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