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                                                      Types and characteristics of the stone

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                                                      Decorative materials - is laying or coating the surface of buildings, including the inner and outer surface of the material from the decorative effect. Is a set of materials, decorative materials, process, design, color and aesthetics in a material. It involves a wide range, not only related to traditional building materials such as stone, wood, ceramics, but also to chemical building materials, plastic materials, textiles, building materials, metallurgy and building materials and other new building materials, has reached tens of thousands of species much, so its a lot of classification methods. In terms of chemical properties of decorative materials can be divided into organic decorative material (such as construction plastic wallpaper, flooring, adhesives and organic polymer coatings, etc.) and inorganic materials, two types of decoration. Decorative materials which are divided into inorganic metal decorative material (such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper, etc.) and non-metallic decorative material (such as decorative stone, ceramics, glass, etc.). However, the actual for ease of use, often followed by decorative parts of buildings to the decorative material classification.
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