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                                                      Natural stone and artificial stone of the relatively

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                                                      First, the natural stone is mainly divided into two types: marble and granite. In general, where there are texture, known as marble, is called a point-based granite plaque. This is the broad sense of the. Narrow sense, refers to the Dali marble stone produced. In fact, no country is the marble out of a few pieces of stone.

                                                      Both can also be distinguished from the geological concept. Granite is igneous rock, also known as acid crystalline plutonic rocks, is the most widely distributed in igneous rocks of a rock, the feldspar, quartz and mica, the ingredients in silica and account for about 65% to 75%. Hard, dense rock. Igneous rock is called magma, or underground volcanic eruption of lava rocks crystallized condensation. Content of silica in igneous rocks, feldspar and determine the nature and content of
                                                      The nature of stone. When the silica content of more than 65% belong to acid rock, this rock CKS feldspar, plagioclase, quartz and other minerals to form the basic crystal, granular structure, known as granite.

                                                      Central Plains and some marble rocks through the crust the crust formed by high temperature and pressure metamorphic rocks. Internal forces to promote the role of the crust rock types of the original qualitative change in the process. Qualitative change refers to the original rock formation, structure and mineral composition changes. After the formation of a new qualitative change is called metamorphic rock types. Mainly composed of calcite, marble, limestone, serpentine and dolomite composition. The main ingredient in calcium carbonate, about 50%. Others include magnesium carbonate, calcium oxide, manganese oxide and silicon dioxide and so on. Because marble is generally contain impurities, and calcium carbonate by carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, carbon, water vapor in the role, but also easy to weathering and erosion, leaving the surface very quickly lose their luster, relatively soft marble of a general nature, which is relative to the granitic Stone purposes. Of course, you do not need to care about this, because the geological time are calculated by billion, in our lifetime, this qualitative change is a change limited.

                                                      Of course, the above mentioned marble and granite in the above classification, is a more narrowly defined. Now the market said, generally have textures are metamorphic rocks, so it was known as marble. The crystalline particles were spotted, also known as a granite. In fact, too detailed classification, which is what the geologists, for the interior decoration is almost on the line. Of course, if your stone is used outdoors, the environment is more adverse to the need for a more detailed classification.

                                                      Because the pore surface of natural stone, so weak in terms of tolerance. Processing plants are generally on the surface for processing. In interior decoration, TV table, windowsill countertops, and other suitable indoor marble floor. The threshold, kitchen countertops, granite suitable for use outdoors on the ground. Kitchen table where it is best to use the dark granite.

                                                      Now on the market of natural stone, some color is the result of manual processing, which generally use a half stone to a year or so will reveal their true faces. The most obvious is now on the market green large flowers, many of which are made of stain, not really a big flower green.

                                                      Also to be noted that the back of the grid, this happens in two ways: 1. The stone itself is brittle, must be added to the grid, such as Spain beige. 2. Shoddy work by thinning the thickness of the stone, and strength enough, so I added a grid, usually the deeper the color of the stone if the grid, most of this factor.

                                                      Second, the artificial stone is unsaturated polyester resin as the binder, together with the natural marble or calcite, dolomite, silica sand, glass powder and other inorganic powders, and the right amount of flame retardants, color, etc., the ingredients mixed casting, vibration, compression, extrusion and other methods of forming an artificial stone made from cured. Artificial man-made stone is used in accordance with the actual problems come up, it is moisture, acid, alkali, high temperature, put together have made great progress in terms. Of course, the artificial man-made things naturally have shortcomings, the general nature of the artificial stone is clearly not enough, they were used for cabinets and other places for the practical requirements of a higher and more, for the bay windows, floors and other stresses on the less decorative.

                                                      Another impeding factor is the use of artificial stone the human factor. Because the production process of artificial stone very different, so not exactly the same performance characteristics. Therefore, the performance of the above mentioned and must be man-made stone you are buying the properties. Imports currently on the market above the artificial stone is better in performance, relatively speaking, made in China could only "blow" the copies. Simply put, imported marble allows sanding scratches the surface, the user does not reassert himself to handle it met, and many man-made stone apparently can not support this approach, the more polished the worse.

                                                      Artificial stone suitable for application in a number of harsh environments, such as kitchen, toilets and so on. Because the texture is relatively too fake, rarely been used in the decoration decorative items.

                                                      Buy artificial stone, it is best to acquire a test model for the poor, such as soy sauce or oil down, and the wear test.

                                                      To sum up, what to buy that, according to different purposes and use of personal financial capability.
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